Only the best fruits

In order to transform the full aroma of the ripe fruit into the Obstbrand in the most puristic way possible, no pumps, filters or additives are used for production.

The fruit is hand-picked from orchards in southern Baden with old, resilient varieties which are neither fertilized nor sprayed. Any fruit that I purchase in addition comes from organic Demeter farms where I participate in the harvest myself.

Destillerie Kolonko Production

100% natural fermentation

The decisive factor for the aroma of any fruit spirit is the degree of ripeness of the fruit at the time of maceration. Every piece of fruit is processed only when it has reached its optimal ripeness: when it drops from the tree or is left to ripen after picking.

The fruit is fermented exclusively by its own natural yeasts without any conventional pure culture yeasts or enzymes. Alcoholic fermentation happens when the natural sugars of the fruit are converted into alcohol by the individual yeast flora. This is a basic prerequisite at Kolonko Distillery for creating fruit spirits that are rich in character and facets.

Destillerie Kolonko Production

Careful distillation

The distillation of the fermented fruit mash takes place on an old copper distill, which was specially prepared and rebuilt for the Kolonko distillery. Each step of the distillation process is carried out as carefully as possible, as our aim is to get the best out of the mash – in the most gentle way.

The distillates, the heart of the spirit, are stored in small glass balloons until I dilute them to a drinkable alcohol percentage with the purest spring water at the ideal point in time.

Destillerie Kolonko Production